BIO 30 Propolis Capsules (180pcs)



Propolis is known as nature’s antibiotic. Manuka Health BIO30™ Propolis Capsules have very high levels of bioflavonoids and other bioactive compounds to stimulate, strengthen and rejuvenate the body while providing powerful support to the immune system. The encapsulated form allows for a targeted delivery to the digestive and immune system.Propolis is a natural resin found in the young buds of trees. Bees collect propolis, mix it with their own enzymes and beeswax, and use it to seal the hive. This creates the most sterile environment known in nature and protects the hive against disease.German scientists identified very high levels of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE) in Manuka Health BIO30™ Propolis. Four BIO30™ New Zealand Propolis Capsules contain at least 60mg of bioflavanoids and CAPE.

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