Order Guidelines

1. Delivery Rate starts at 30 for the first 3km from VIP Hotel, Don Apolinar Velez St.

*Free Delivery min Purchase of 1,000 for locations 1-3km from VIP Hotel


2. Payment options will be displayed during the check out process. However, we highly recommend using other payment options other than Cash on Delivery. This is to ensure better hygiene practices and curb the possibility of theft.

4. If customers decide to opt for the COD option, please prepare exact money amount in an envelope. 

5. Once your order has been placed and your payment option finalized, we will no longer accept any cancellations in order to cater to other orders and avoid confusing our staff.

6. If your address is hard to locate, please be specific about your location and provide necessary landmarks (e.g building, store, color of gate, number of house).

7. Please note that not all of our products displayed on our store is available. However, we will send you similar alternatives or outsource from various stores but with a more costly price. 

Delivery Policy

1. Our staff will text  your contact number a message once your order has been acknowledged. We will then inform you whether all your specific ordered items are available and which alternatives you can replace them with. When your orders are ready to be delivered, our personnel will send you a message via our company number. Please be advised that no specific delivery time will be promised. However, we assure you orders will be entertained and delivered to you as soon as possible.

2. Customers are to be alert when our staff will send a message, informing that they are close by. We expect responsibility from our customers in being quick to receive their orders, to make way for other pending deliveries to follow. 

3. In the event that your order is not complete or there may be damaged goods, please contact us directly so we can attend to it immediately and accordingly. However, we ensure quality control to all of our products to avoid situations of the like.

4. Bogus Buyers will be noted within our system and will be subjected to certain penalties.

Refund Policy

As noted above, damaged goods or incomplete items will be dealt with. This may result to a refund via bank account or a separate delivery of that particular item. The following resolutions will only transpire if the company is seen to be liable and proven for the mistake. CDO Online Mart will not be held accountable for damages and mishaps that occurred outside of their control and apart from the company.