1. What is CDO Online Mart? 

CDO Online Mart is an E-Commerce website that enables individuals to purchase their needs from the comfort of their homes. We aim to provide excellent customer service and products at the best price, in order to make shopping an ease and life more convenient.  


2. Do you have grocery services wherein I can send my grocery list and CDO Online Mart will be the one to buy them? 

We are now accepting order list requests via our number 09171599000 and FB Messenger. Feel free to send us your orders for a faster and more convenient purchase and we'll take care of what's next! However, please note that we do not accept any errand runs for stores.  

3. How much are your delivery rates?

Delivery Rate: ₱30 for first 3KM from VIP Hotel, Don Apolinar Velez St.


      4. When am I able to receive my order after I have checked out?

      For on the day deliveries, orders must be placed directly before 2PM. Any order beyond the indicated time will receive their orders on the next day immediately.


      5. Is it safe for me to input my personal data on this website? 

      Yes, our website is secured with an SSL Certificate that keeps your private information such as contact information and order history private and inaccessible from hackers. 


      6. What differentiates CDO Online Mart from other online grocery stores? 

      We guarantee the prices of our products are for our customers to get the best deal as possible. Compared to other online grocery sources, we make sure our items are not far off the rates of supermarkets, making it ideally affordable. Moreover, majority of our non-grocery products have no mark ups from store price.